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ABOUT lucky llama

Lucky Llama is a locally owned tattoo shop on the corner of Winnetka Ave and Medicine Lake Road located in New Hope, Minnesota. Lucky Llama opened in the fall of 2019. Wanting to give back to the community, fundraising is at the core of our identity. Being a custom tattoo shop, Lucky Llama does tattoos only, no piercings.


The State of Minnesota requires a State regulated ID for every appointment. This can include driver's license, military ID, or passport. To be tattooed, Minnesota State law requires 18 years of age.
First, you'll have to schedule a consultation. During this time you'll sit down with your artist and discuss ideas and possibilities for your tattoo. You will also submit a nonrefundable deposit that will help pay for your last session. See the Deposit Policy if you have any questions or concerns.
During your consult you will book the time of you actual tattoo. Consults can last anywhere from five minutes to an hour, so come prepared with your ideas and an open mind! 

Photos of Lucky llama

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