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More about Lucky LLama

Wade has been in the tattoo industry for over 18 years. He had a tattoo business for 10 years in the state of Colorado before moving to Minnesota 6 years ago. Wade has been a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Minnesota since 2013.

Lucky Llama will be a safe and friendly environment of inclusivity. All people will be respected regardless of ethnic background, gender, religion, ability, and sexual orientation.

Lucky Llama will be a drug and alcohol free zone.

Lucky Llama shall provide clients with tattoos only, no other body modification will be serviced.
All equipment used will be disposable.

All independent contractors shall be licensed and be properly blood borne pathogens certified through courses accepted by the state standards of Minnesota Health Department regulations.

Lucky Llama is aware of community needs and support. We believe in fundraising for local community nonprofit organizations such as animal shelters, veterans, domestic violence shelters, and homelessness, not excluding other organizations of need.
We plan to do consistent fundraising for individual nonprofit organizations and spread knowledge of their needs and commitments. We believe supporting organizations that wish to achieve change in the world is crucial in accomplishing the goal of not just supporting a community but also to make a difference in the lives of others beyond adding art to one’s skin.

Overall, Lucky Llama will be a positive, safe, inclusive environment for both the artists and the clientele. Lucky Llama is looking forward to being a supportive part of the community.

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