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What are your hours?

Wednesday-Saturday 12am-7pm

Flash Fundraisers 11am-7pm

How much does it cost?
how much does it hurt?

It depends on your pain tolerance and the placement of the tattoo, but if you should need assistence dealing with the pain, Lidocaine is available through donation to our selected nonprofit.

can i bring my friends?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, no friends are allowed.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash and all major credit card companies, however credit cards have a 3% processing fee. No checks are accepted.

do I tip?

Tips are very welcomed and much appreciated. You can tip in cash, or it is also a lot of fun and awesome if you tip some sort of thoughtful gift. 

What do i do if i need to cancel my appointment?

Contact your artist as soon as you know you have to cancel.  See Deposit Policy if you have any questions regarding timeframes for forfeiting the deposit due to cancellation.

Do you do cosmetic tattoos?

Nope. You can always look up professionals who do cosmetic tattoos on the Google. 

Will you tattoo my own art/design on me?

You probably chose this artist for a reason, their art. There is no fee for the drawing so might as well let the artist do what they do best, art. But make sure to come with inspiration!

Does it fade?

Yes, tattoos fade naturally. But the style Wade's tattoos consist of bold lines and colors that will remain bright through time. Fading is expected and natural.

what do i wear and bring to an appointment?

Comfortable clothes that have access to the area being tattooed. Be aware that clothing may be permanently stained. Eat before your appointment. Bring a drink and headphones for comfort. 

How should I take care of my tattoo?

Each artist has their own preferred methods for taking care of a new tattoo. Click here for Wade's tattoo care.

can i bring my children?

Lucky Llama does not allow any children or minors in the establishement for safety reasons, not even consultations. 

can you fix my old tattoo?

Set up a consultation to talk about our options. Click here to see how to set up a consultation. 

How do i set up an appointment?

Click here to see how to set up an appointment! It's pretty easy to do, just remember to be kind to your artist!

can I get piercings here?

Lucky Llama does not do any piercings, only tattoos (and fundraising!). 

Do you do mastectomy scar cover ups, top surgery cover ups, or general scar cover ups?

Absolutely! Wade loves to help his clients through their journey of healing! 

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